Shell shocked

Sorry for the lengthy time away from the site. I feel I’ve been running around like a madman.

Friday like many, I was snagged in by the release of Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake. If you follow my theme posts I really liked RE4, so I figured I would give this one a try. It didn’t disappoint. But I admit I’m really jumpy at games like those, so I kept having to stop and freak out for a bit between scenarios. I’m not really a good reviewer of games like that so I’m not going to try and put my thoughts on it here, but I will say the only thing that really bugged me was the controls, and that the zombies were REALLY hard to deal with, at least for my playstyle. That game took up the bulk of my Friday and Saturday, so I didn’t really get around to posting anything.

Sundays I obviously take off or take a chunk of my time to schedule theme posts, which I didn’t do either. I enjoyed the time away from things a bit too much. Yesterday (Monday) I basically had a time study done on me for the bulk of the day, so I was welding pretty constantly all day. Which gave me major weld-fatigue. So by the time I got home I was pretty fried. I have had some stuff on my mind to write about but just haven’t gotten a chance to really type it out. So this will be mostly an update on my current events, rather than a critical thinking post. Plenty of those in the future though.

Since January is coming to a close, I’ll be starting a new theme for my daily posts. I have decided for the month of February I will be doing “memories.” Or rather, good stories that I like to tell from growing up. Pepper in a few that may not be the greatest, such as sad memories, but powerful memories. I have so many stories of me doing dumb stuff as a kid that I thought it would make for some laughs. We are shaped from our past experiences, so it could be neat to share some of those times.

I finally finished reading the blurbs from Archibald on his story a week ago or so. I thought it was pretty good. His writing style is very different from my own so I think that really made it an interesting read. The premise isn’t fully fleshed out yet, so I’m not able to comment a ton on the storyline, but I did find the tone to be interesting. He’s explained it in some compacity to me, and I think it will neat to read it unfold.

As for my horror story, I think I’ve got the endings and beginning pretty well figured out, but I have a section in the middle that I haven’t really figured out yet. I’ll probably start writing it out soon, and when I get to that problem section I can probably work on that writers block, versus letting it keep me from starting.

Hopefully that is enough of an update for you to sink your teeth into while I finish getting some stuff in order on the back end.


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