January [Games] 30

This game is probably my longest running game I continue to play to this day. The RTS game that redefined what it was I liked about games. It was super challenging to me when I was only around 10 or so. Ironically, my younger brother somehow actually introduced this game to me.

The game is simple in terms of the goal of the game. Be the last man standing, command your armies and economy to crush your foes. Again, since I started playing this game young, I was never really all that good at it. I played a lot of custom games with my friends, but still enjoyed every game. The expansion, Brood War, added a lot to the game. More campaign, and more units.

I loved playing it for many years, even into my teens. Then the fateful day that got my blood pumping, the StarCraft 2 announcement. I had been playing starcraft for over 10 years. Finally I was going to see the conclusion of the game, and get to play it in a more modern engine.

It did not disappoint. I felt at home, but in control of a new game at the same time. I loved the story, but the battles were really fun also. I never got good at this game really either. I was better than a casual player, but not good enough to compete on any real level. I always hoped I’d find a good partner to play 2v2 with. But that never happened. The only true gripe I had was that each campaign was released at different times. So there was a long wait to complete it fully.

The game was a blast, and I still have fun going back and playing again. After the completion of the campaign of starcraft two, they went back and remastered the first game, which I also enjoyed a lot. It was exactly as I remembered it, but looked so much better.

I may never be that good at this game, but I will enjoy playing every time.

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