January [Games] 31

This game needs no real introduction.

Halo and I go way back. Back before I even had an Xbox. I went to a friends house and he slapped a controller in my hands. It felt so foreign as I spent most of my time on a computer or older system. We jumped into blood gulch and he was then subjected to me running around staring at either the ground or the sky.

I was terrible at using a controller. Until I wandered across a sniper rifle. As soon as I grabbed it, I found him in his Warthog firing the turret around, and BAM. Headshot and done. I. Was. Hooked. I was by no means an instant success in Halo either. I was pretty bad. A friend of mine always beat me in the game. Until I buckled down and just practiced for days. This being the times of Halo 2 now.

I continued to play the Halo titles all though high school almost exclusively. Every one that came out, I played. I have great memories of midnight releases with friends, I believe I was 3rd in line for Halo 3 at my local Gamestop. 2nd in line for Halo 3 ODST. Then as soon as everyone had their copy we’d run to someones house and play on legendary together. Which was a lot of fun, but terrible trying to function at school the next morning.

I didn’t care though, because to me, going into battle with my friends was the best time I could ask for. Whether it was taking it seriously, or having some snacks on a Friday night and hanging out on the couch. In fact my 16th birthday party was all about Halo!

16th Birthday. I’m the guy in white

I had so much fun playing all the Halo titles, even Halo Wars. Even as I got older I still chose them over most shooters. When I would play Halo, I saw much less camping as a whole than I did other games. Everyone wanted to run out and get into the fight. The guns were always fun to shoot, and the maps were so diverse you could have so many different types of play.

I could genuinely go on about this game for hours. When Halo left Bungie I was pretty concerned. I didn’t know a lot about 343 Studios. Then the fateful release of Halo 4 happened. The first non-Bungie Halo I’d ever gotten my hands on. Mind you at release of Halo 4 I was 22, but wanted that teenage wonder in the release.

I’m probably in the minority, but I absolutely loved Halo 4. The guns had such volume, and the story was wonderful. I liked every level, I thought it looked fantastic. It felt like Halo.

Halo 5 on the other hand, was a mess. As much as I love the franchise, and have enjoyed so much of the universe. Halo 5 absolutely killed me. I played it ONE time. Hated every second of it, and never played again. Just before this was going on the Master Chief Collection was released. Prompting me to purchase the Xbox One (Stupid name) just for that game. It was a launch nightmare. All the Halo goodness and I could barely get a lobby together to play. It along with Halo 5s terrible marketing schemes to get you into the game, I felt lied to. What kind of Halo game lets you only play MC for a few levels?

I digress. Regardless, Halo will always be a big part of my gaming life, and I hope to see some redemption in the future!

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