Outta Time (InvenStory)

Dear Wonderboy,

If my calculations are correct, you will receive this letter immediately after seeing the DeLorean struck by lightning. Don’t worry, a am doing well living in the year 2000. Shame I never wrote down any lottery numbers of big jackpots. Thankfully music is back to being good again, and with my knowledge of the future, I can probably still get rich on the random information I remember.

Some time has passed since I started to write this initial letter, I invented memes, those pictures with the wording on them. It was so simple, you basically take anything and put a quote on it, bam. Viral sensation. Also watch out for Disney, they are buying up everything, and I heard something about them making different universes.

Anyway, I traveled to the country of Turkey, looking to set up a company that makes aluminum radiator cores. Maybe it’s because I know that a certain company will need them. Labor is cheap out here, and the startup shouldn’t be too long. Perhaps it could be a way for me to help from the past.

The company is doing well now, and slowly I am catching up to your current timeline. I have noticed the orders coming in from the company, and am doing my best to make sure everything flows as it should until I reach the moment of the lightning strike. At which point, I will be able to return to the country.

THIS IS URGENT, you must do something about this next matter the moment you receive this letter. One of the workers accidently sent an extra 315-234 core on the shipping container you should have just received not long ago. It is possible that the company is in extreme danger. I enlisted the help of a local to get into their warehouse and steal the core from their shelves. But unless you hack the mainframe and delete the stock of it, the entire space time continuum could collapse. Please remove any trace of the core in 3E1.

Your friend in time,


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