We can make it better (InvenStory)

Dear Wonderboy,

On this frosty morn of the 20th of  February, I successfully pillaged the site of “2E2” Although challenging, I was able to obtain the perfect test subject. A willing 328-031 core has offered itself from the ranks. The training, if you can even call it that, will be hellish to say the least. In case it should not make it through, be prepared to notify the next of kin.

The subject should still be treated with dignity, in spite of what is to happen. That said, I have been tasked with taking it, and turn it into something of greater value to this place. I have requisitioned the use of two thickly armored tanks to be fused to the subject. The heat it must endure to accomplish this will having it wishing for a quick end. With these two hands I shall shape it into a quality unit.

However, upon my completion it will have to undergo a variety of tests to ensure it will not crack under stress. We will hand him off to the “tester.” His job will be to see if it leaks valuable information through water-boarding. The secrets of our facility cannot fall into the wrong hands after all.

If it should survive, it will bring great value on the open market. Increasing our foothold on this type of work. Please notify the other facility that we will be in need of the appropriate armor for this unit. He won’t be able to make this great journey without it.  Until we speak again.


PS – Please make sure the other facility actually puts the armor on correctly, I know they have a real problem with following directions.

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